Competition Rules

1. Judges have final say and are in complete control. Their decision is final on all questions presented.

2. Spellers may ask the pronouncer to repeat the word, use it in a sentence, define the word, language of origin, part of speech, and/or root word. The pronouncer may provide these aids until the judges decide that the word has been made clear.t

3. When a speller starts to spell a word, they may stop and start over. However, they may not change the letters already pronounced at the beginning. If the letters and/or their sequences have been changed in the respelling, the speller is disqualified.

4. If the speller misspells the word, they immediately drop out of the contest. The next word on the list is given to the next speller.

5. When the final two spellers are presented, the elimination process changes. When a speller misspells a word, the other speller will be given a chance to spell the same word. If the second speller spells the word correctly, then they are declared the winner.

6. If they do not spell the second word correctly, all spellers from the last round are back in.

7. If both spellers misspell the word, the competition continues.

8. Spellers may protest or raise an objection before the round ends, but otherwise no protests are to be made. Members are not permitted to vocalize their concern(s) to the judges or pronouncer during the competition.

9. While spelling, spellers must face the judges and say the word, spell the word, and repeat the word again. This continues for each round.

10. The speller has a time limit of two minutes. Time begins when the pronouncer says the first word. Spellers will be disqualified if they fail to complete the spelling before time is up.