Why Should You Join Us?

Spelling bees aid students in many different ways. They provide different platforms to develop vocabulary and literacy. They aid in a student’s selfconfidence and communication skills, as well as work ethic, time management and how to stay calm under pressure.

Those students who advance to the International Bee will also have the opportunity to travel, learn about other cultures and create and foster friendships with students from other countries. It’s not just about winning; it’s about learning while having fun and making friends.

Spelling Bee Set Up

Your school spelling bee can be performed in a variety of ways such as, a class event, a grade event, an entire school event, or a combination of all three. Set the stage with a date, time and location (i.e. classroom or gym).

Word Lists for Spelling Bee

The list includes 500 words for your school spelling bee. They are divided into three lists: grade 1-3, 4-6 and 7-8. We recommend starting all students, regardless of grade on the grade 1-3 list and then move to the next list once those words have been learned.

Judges & Pronouncer

There will need to be judges and a pronouncer. In the case of just a class event, the teacher can be both the judge and the pronouncer. If it is a grade event multiple judges may be required and one separate pronouncer will be needed. Judges and the pronouncer can be teachers, staff, the principal or other school representative(s). Judge(s) will be responsible for answering questions the students may have, as guided by the competition rules and ensuring that the word is spelt correctly. The pronouncer will be responsible for pronouncing the word correctly and repeating the word if necessary.

Venue & Equipment

For a grade competition a set up within a big classroom or gym may be required to accommodate students. A stage and microphone is recommended as well. Students waiting to present can remain behind the current student presenter. The judges will be at their own table off stage and the pronouncer will should have a podium or table. For a school wide set up, a large space will definitely be required. A gym or auditorium is recommended. The set up will be similar to the grade set up and additional chairs can be added for an audience.

Top 3 Spellers

The top 3 spellers names must be submitted to Canada Super Spelling Bee to info@canadaspellingbee.com

School Bee

School Bee should be held before March 31, 2024.