School Registration:

A spelling bee competition will be held within in the school. It can be a class event, grade event, or entire school event. It will be up to the school to decide how to organize the competition. Once the competition is complete, the school will decide who its top five spellers are. Those top five spellers have the opportunity to compete in the Regional Spelling Bee here in Ottawa and that event will be hosted by Canada Super Spelling Bee.

Schools can go online to fill out the registration form. A leader will be chosen based on how the school is choosing to host its spelling bee. The leader can be a principal, a teacher, a student, a parent, or another member of faculty.

The cost for a school to register is $295 + HST. This covers the cost of a Word List provided by Canada Super Spelling Bee, as well as the registration fee for the school’s top five spellers to compete in the Regional Spelling Bee.

Individual Registration

Students have an opportunity to register online for our Coaching Program. This is an individual opportunity and is not being offered to schools at this time. Students will learn about the basics of spelling bee, as well as some important tips to aid them in becoming successful with spelling bee.

The top 20 spellers from the Coaching Program will then also have the opportunity to compete with the top spellers from various schools in the Regional Spelling Bee.

The fee for the individual registration is $395 + HST. This covers the cost of nine sessions held in one semester. Each session is an hour long and students will learn etymology, the origin words, definitions of words, and the basics of spelling bee from our teachers and our VIP Coaches.