Schedule and Information

 2024 Canada National Super Spelling Bee

We are excited to announce the upcoming 2024 Canada National Super Spelling Bee! This prestigious event will showcase the remarkable spelling abilities of our young participants. Here are the essential details:

            1385 Woodroffe Ave, Ottawa, ON K2G 1V8

Notes for the Spellers:

  1. All spellers and guests are required to check in at the front desk to receive their entry permit stamp. This process ensures a smooth and organized flow as everyone prepares to participate in the Spelling Bee Competition.

  2. Spellers will receive a personalized name lanyard during the spellers’ registration on Saturday, July 20. Please remember to return the lanyard to the registration booth to receive a gift when the speller decides to leave and/or the competition has ended.

  3. The competition consists of oral spelling rounds beginning at 9:30 am EDT and continuing, with timed breaks when the officials deem appropriate. Please ensure to come earlier, between 8:30 am - 9:15 am to register your child at the front desk.

  4. All national bee spellers will compete together on stage, and will not be divided into various categories and age groups.

  5. All spellers who have not been eliminated from the competition will spell one word in each round. Upon incorrectly spelling a word during the spelling round, the speller is eliminated from the competition, unless specified in the "Championship Round rules". All spellers eliminated in the same round are tied for the same place.

  6. The National Bee study word list will be distributed via email to parents around mid of May. To practice, students may study various words in the dictionary and read more books to increase their vocabulary.

  7. During the competition, the word list will not be the only resource being asked, In the first few rounds of the Competition, students will be asked words from the provided word list. The officials will decide when they would like to move on to words that are not on the provided word list. Words will be from the Merriam-Webster Unabridged Online Dictionary (

  8. The speller has 2 minutes to spell their word. Time begins when the pronouncer first pronounces the word. The speller will be notified once one minute has passed. The judges and pronouncer will not communicate with the speller during the final 30 seconds. The judges will disqualify any speller who does not provide a complete spelling before the expiration of time. 

  9. Please read the Competition Rules at

  10. School teachers, family members, and friends are all welcome to attend the competition, please ensure to register at the competition front desk to enter the venue.

  11. The competition will be live on the YouTube, please feel free to share the link with your school, students, teachers, families, and friends. 


Lunch Tray: 

Due to the venue policy, please do not bring your own food and/or drinks to the venue as lunch must be ordered specifically from the Algonquin College Banquet/Food Catering service.

All lunch sandwiches can be chosen from

1.Egg Salad

Red onion, baby organic spinach

2.Chicken Salad

Leaf lettuce, scallions, celery, multigrain bread

3.California Veggie Wrap

Hot house tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, vegan cheese, baby arugula, avocado, red onion, citrus-scented vegan mayo

4.Turkey and Swiss on a Kaiser

Leaf lettuce, mayo, mustard

All lunches sandwiches will be accompanied with

- a side salad OR bag of chips, 

- and choice of one piece of fresh fruit OR cookie, 

- and a bottle of water OR canned soft drink.

Price: $20/Lunch box in total, HST tax is included.

Food and other orders must be completed and paid by Wednesday, May 15, 2024. 


Please check the T-Shirt size before ordering, we would not be able to do a size exchange after the order has been completed. The first T-Shirt for speller is free, afterwards, each T-Shirt is $25 (Tax included)

T Shirt

Children Size







Chest 1/2 (cm)






Height (cm)






Weight (lb)






T Shirt

Adult Size










Chest 1/2 









Height (cm)









Weight (lb)










CSSB is trying to help parents save on lodging costs during their stay in Ottawa when attending our competition/event. Residence & Conference Centre Ottawa West in Algonquin College has generously provided us with discounted group lodging for our spellers and their family members.

Here are some information:

2024 Canada National Spelling Bee Pronouncer/Judge Officials:

Jaden Zhang:    CSSB Co-Founder, CSSB Competition Committee Official

                            Harvard University 2024 Admit

                            2017-2018 Eastern Canada Champion

                            2017-2019 Scripps National Spelling Bee Canadian Competitor

Shamus McCoy:  CSSB Competition Committee Official

                              CSSB Spelling Bee and Language Teacher

                              B.A. (Hons) Greek and Roman Studies, Carleton University

                              M. A. Classical Studies & B.Ed. Senior Division, University of Ottawa

Jonathan Latremouille: CSSB Competition Committee Official

                                         CSSB Spelling Bee and Leadership Debate Teacher

                                         TEFL certified, uOttawa in Psychology and Linguistics

                                         Masters in S-LP at the McGill University Medicine 

                                         OCDSB Public Speaking Champion

David Marleau:              CSSB Director of Communications 

                                          CSSB Competition Committee Official

                                          CSSB STEM Professor

                                          College Professor

Co-Organizer:                 Canada Education Experts Inc.  

                                          Jenx Group Corp.

Marketing Partner:        TransImage Productions Inc. 


Here's what all spellers, our finalists and the champion will receive for being such first-class spellers.

For All Spellers

2024 Canada National Bee Certificates issued by Canada Super Spelling Bee

Best Dressed Award (It is mandatory for the speller to be present at the end of the competition in order to receive the award)

Certificate issued by Canada Super Spelling Bee

Best Speller for Each Grade (It is mandatory for the speller to be present at the end of the competition in order to receive the award)

Certificate issued by Canada Super Spelling Bee

For the Finalists

4th – 10th place: A commemorative Bronze Medal

2nd - 3rd place: A commemorative Silver Medal and

• 3rd place - $450 ($250 cash plus $200 CSSB scholarship voucher)

• 2nd place - $900 ($500 cash plus $400 CSSB scholarship voucher)

For the Champion

$1,800 prize ($1000 cash plus $800 CSSB scholarship voucher) 

and Canada Super Spelling Bee engraved Trophy

and a commemorative Gold Medal

For the First Place's Canadian School 

Plaque issued by Canada Super Spelling Bee

Let’s create an atmosphere of encouragement and celebration!

We look forward to witnessing the brilliance of our spellers as they compete for the title of Canada’s Super Speller! If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to our team.

Spelling Bee Super Camp:

Exciting News!

We are thrilled to announce the Spelling Bee Super Summer Camp, an enriching and fun-filled experience organized by Canada Super Spelling Bee. This three-day camp is designed to ignite your child’s passion for words, enhance spelling skills, and create lasting memories. Here are the details:

Camp Highlights:

Morning Spelling Bee In-Person Course

Afternoon Activities:

Expert Guidance: Our prestigious and experienced spelling bee teachers will lead engaging sessions, providing personalized coaching and strategies to excel in spelling competitions.

Camp Details:

Registration: Limited spots available! Reserve your child’s place now.

Why Attend:

Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock your word power and create lifelong memories. Register at:

Super Camp Registration

Best regards,

Competition Committee

Canada Super Spelling Bee

1390 Prince of Wales Dr., Suite 304

Ottawa, Ontario K2C 3N6