The Study Club helps students through group tutoring and mentoring as well as enriching activities designed to advance their academic achievement, social development, and leadership skills. In order to enable our students to master their learning knowledge quickly and efficiently, and to greatly reduce the burden of tuition fees for parents, Canada Super Spelling Bee is creating study clubs.

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Canada Super Spelling Bee 2022 Online Study Club

1. The subjects: Max 10 students in each subject

1) Spelling Bee (Grade 4-8)

2) Leadership and Critical Thinking Debate (Grade 5-8)

3) Scratch Programming Club (Grade 3-6)

2. The duration and activities:

1) One sessions a week, one hour a session.

2) One hour activities: Teacher or VIP coach teaching, and the other half hour is led by the class leader to conduct members' learning activities, discussion and competition practices. After each class, the homework or research is assigned by the teacher.

3) The club will hold various private and open tournaments, workshop, seminars and competitions aperiodically.

3. Eligibility to join:

1) Have participated in three courses or more of CSSB online courses, and have passed the examination and obtained the certificate of completion. Or,

2) CSSB and teacher evaluation and recommendation. Or,

3) Have participated in the competition of related subjects (i.e. Spelling Bee or Debate Competition).

4) The student can join the club at any time whenever he/she meet the requirements of eligibility and the clubs have space.

4. Membership Tuition:

1) 6 months membership: $99/month

2) One year membership: $79/month

3) Need to sign a Membership Contract

4) Pre-authorized debit payment is required; the membership contract will be distributed as request.

5. Withdrawal Policy:

Please see the membership contract for details.

Enroll in 2022 Study Club Online Now